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Brexit - Where To Go From Here?
Past Events
The clock is ticking. An event of International Diplomatic Student Association.
Following the rejection by MPs of Prime Minister May’s Withdrawal Agreement for the second time, the next two weeks until March the 29th, when Britain is currently scheduled to leave the European Union, look likely to be a period of great controversy. 
Mrs. May’s government received another defeat on the No-Deal Brexit vote, with a 43 majority. Unusually, Ministers were free to vote for and against No Deal even though it was proposed in the Conservative election manifesto.
Today the government  invite MPs to vote on whether or not to postpone the original exit day. 
Should that pass, the British government would seek the agreement of the EU to postponement.  All 27 remaining EU member states must consent for postponement to be granted.
The situation indicates a week of debate and controversy. The clock is ticking.
Besides the background of these events, the following questions will also be discussed:
- How did Mrs. May’s version of Brexit end up as one which none of the side really wanted and which satisfies no one?
 - What impacts would a postponement or another referendum have on the society?
- What impact, if any, will this unfolding Brexit saga have on the forthcoming EU elections?
Presenters of the event:
- John O’Sullivan: President of Danube Institute, former speechwriter of Theresa May
- Caitlin Jones: Deputy Head of Mission at the UK Embassy to Hungary 
- Zoltán Gálik: Associate Professor at Corvinus University of Budapest, International Studies Department
Moderator: Árpád Csabuda, President of PaIR Club
The International Diplomatic Student Association, Danube Institute and IBS PaIR Club joint event 
Time and Date: 19th March 2019, 17:20
Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest, Building S, Lecture Room II.  (on the -1st floor)
Participation is free, but registration is required, please indicate your will of attendance by filling out the following form.
The event will be held in English.
See you there!

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