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Population in Central Europe
Past Events / Videos
Public lecture delivered by David Coleman | 14th October 2014

Europe’s population is proportionately diminishing.  European states currently make up twelve per cent of the world’s population, but this is expected to fall to nine percent by 2050.

By the same time more than a third of the population will be over 60 years old. The harsh realities of the continent’s demographics are even more pronounced in Central Europe. In Hungary’s case the birth rate has been falling since the early 70s, an era in which the proportion of the economically active working population has also been falling as the result of improved mortality rates and migration.

These trends and their profound implications were the subject of the lecture given by David Coleman, Professor of Demography at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford, on the 14th October 2014.

Watch the video record of the event by clicking on the link below.

George Friedman on The Future of the Transatlantic Alliance


Keynote lecture of George Friedman (Chairman and Founder, Geopolitical Futures).

Fateful Years: the memoir of Vilmos Nagybaczoni Nagy

Past Events

The introduction of the first English edition with György Schöpflin, John O'Sullivan and Sándor Szakály.

Hungary in the new era of rising China

Past Events

What does the rise of China and Beijing's new narrative mean for countries like Hungary?

Mid-Trump: a lecture by Byron York (video)


A lectury by Byron York on the American politics in 2018.

Trump and America's Human Rights Diplomacy - Video


A lecture by Michael Horowitz.

Frank Furedi on the crisis of socialisation (video)


A lecture by Frank Furedi at the Danube Institute.

Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence


Dr. David Dusenbury and Dr. David Martin Jones on the effects of technology on our lives and future.

Human Rights and Political Wrongs

Past Events

A lecture by Oxford historian Sir Noel Malcolm in Budapest on June 21 at the MTA.

Free Market Road Show 2018 - Panel 2


Developments and Prospects of “Sharing Economy” in Hungary.

Political crisis in Australia? (video)


A lecture by James Allan.


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