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Trump and America's Human Rights Diplomacy
Past Events
A lecture by Human Rights Advocate, Attorney and Scholar Michael Horowitz on June 5.
On June 05, 2018 the Danube Institute Presents
Human Rights Advocate, Attorney and Scholar
Concern for human rights has been a feature of U.S. diplomacy since the early days of the cold war. It is a feature of U.S. diplomacy to which both the Administration and Congress contribute significantly. It is valuable chiefly because it protects the citizens of countries around the world from torture, false imprisonment, police brutality and oppressive government in general. But it also has been an important weapon in the hands of Washington to advance U.S. interests and improve the performance of foreign governments on a broad range of issues. 

Michael Horowitz, a distinguished lawyer who served in the Reagan administration is a Washington veteran who has brought together unusual allies in left/right coalitions that have crafted Legislative, and Executive Branch oversight and policy collaboration/policy solutions on:
  • International Religious Freedom
  • International/Domestic Trafficking of Girls/Women
  • Domestic/Prison Rape/Violence
  • International Prison Reform
  • Sudan/Darfur Human Rights
  • North Korea Human Rights
  • Internet Freedom for Residents of Dictatorships
  • International Democracy Promotion
  • Anti-Fistula Initiative
  • Tort Reform
His name is under consideration for a presidential appointment on the human rights front. He will discuss the current state of human rights politics in Washington with special reference to North Korea, Christian persecution in the Middle East and the state of religious freedom around the world.
Michael Horowitz is a Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute Washington D.C., and serves as the Director for the Project for International Religious Liberty and for the Project for Civil Justice Reform. A graduate of Yale Law, he is an attorney who served as General Counsel in the OMB in the Reagan Administration; taught at Georgetown Law School; served as an Advisor to the Czech, Slovak and Bulgarian Academies of Science; as a National Advisory Board Member at the Institute for Democracy in Vietnam; as an Advisor to the Ethiopian Evangelical Church (Washington, D.C.); as Counsel and Trustee of  Save Cambodia, Inc.; and as a Special Counsel, at the National Council of Young Israel (Affiliated Orthodox Synagogue Movement). He has received numerous awards for his work on behalf of the most vulnerable populations of the world.
DATE: JUNE 05, 2018

TIME: 17:00 -19:00



Brexit - Where To Go From Here?

Date: 19/03/2019 5:20 p.m.
Location: Corvinus University of Budapest, Building S, Lecture Room II.
The clock is ticking. An event of International Diplomatic Student Association.

Video: Reflections on the Revolution in France


Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, Ulla Terkelsen and Eszter Petronella Soós on the political situation in France.

Jobb elnök lennél, mint Trump?

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Reflections on the Revolution in France

Past Events

Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, Ulla Terkelsen and Eszter Petronella Soós will comment on the political situation in France which includes several months of rioting throughout the country by the Yellow Vests

Mid-Trump: a lecture by Byron York (video)


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Reinvigorating U.S.–Central European relations

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Hungary in the new era of rising China

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Trump and America's Human Rights Diplomacy - Video


A lecture by Michael Horowitz.


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