Tamás Orbán

Tamás Orbán

Senior Research Fellow

Tamás studied History and International Relations at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. He commenced his career working as an intern for various research institutes in Budapest. He works as a senior researcher, columnist and geopolitical analyst at the Danube Institute.


John O'Sullivan, the President of the Danube Institute and Tamás Orbán, Research Fellow at Danube Institute wrote an article about the AUKUS submarine deal, which was published by the National Revie...


In just a year into Joe Biden’s presidency, we already see that the administration’s work is riddled within both its domestic and foreign policy initiatives. The pragmatic and US-centred foreign...


This paper analyses the role of the newly established security alliance of the Anglosphere, AUKUS, especially in relation to the Indo-Pacific region. The paper aims to examine the subject from three...


Russia’s long-held monopoly over the eastern half of Europe’s gas supplies – along with the discovery of a massive gas field in Azerbaijan – birthed the idea of the Southern Gas Corridor, a pr...


Abstract: A decade after the establishment of the Visegrad Group, its leaders felt it was time for creating a hub for Central European cooperation among the civil societies of their nations, extending...

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