It often feels as if the woke Left is omnipotent, razing all before it as it marches relentlessly through Western institutions and culture. Its encounter with the occasional obstacle, no matter how temporary it might prove, offers hope that all is not lost.


Two unorthodox senior advisors to Number 10 deserve attention. The first and most prominent is effectively Boris Johnson’s chief of staff as well as his senior advisor on the environment (and on interior decoration).


The results of Scotland’s elections next week will dominate British politics for the foreseeable future. And yet, while a united Britain may with luck survive, it’s hard to be as confident beyond the short term about Boris Johnson’s prime ministership.


A good Tony Abbott story is that early during his time as an MP, he did a study trip to Washington. Clearly the embassy official responsible for arranging his programme was American. He tailored it on the basis of his understanding that Abbott was a Liberal and staunch anti-Republican. Abbott spent his week in Washington meeting communists.


The start of restoration work on Budapest’s once elegant, neo-classical first department store, the 1926 Corvin Áruház, is the latest piece of good news for the inner part of the Józsefváros, christened about twenty years ago the Palotanegyed, or Palace District, reports Mark Higgie for


Après que le Parti populaire européen au Parlement européen ait adopté pendant l’épidémie un amendement aux statuts restreignant les droits des eurodéputés, les 12 députés du Fidesz ont quitté le groupe. Alors que la grande majorité des États membres s’occupent de la troisième vague la plus violente de la pandémie jamais eu auparavant, pour la direction du PPE la chose la plus importante était l’adoption de l’amendement aux statuts. Il y a de fortes chances que le PPE soit dans une situation pire que les représentants du gouvernement hongrois après ce divorce.


After Alex Salmond, Scotland’s former first minister, claimed his successor Nicola Sturgeon had misled parliament and orchestrated a vendetta against him, for a moment it looked as if Sturgeon – aka Lady MacStalin – might be forced to resign, derailing the Scottish National Party’s expected victory at the 6 May elections – its planned curtain-raiser to demanding a second independence referendum.