Every day seems to produce another item in Theresa May’s continuing betrayal of her promises on Brexit and the referendum.


One of the great pleasures of spending time in Budapest is admiring the city’s restoration. Despite war, communism and 1956, the architecture of the city is overwhelmingly pre-World War I, and the repair of the magnificent buildings proceeds energetically to correct the neglect of the communist period.


Britain’s current political crisis over Theresa May’s attempt, endorsed by the cabinet at Chequers, to redefine the meaning of Brexit so that it requires the U.K. to remain inside the functional equivalents of the EU single market, the EU customs union, and the remit of the European Court of Justice is plainly a complicated exercise in deceit.


Britain’s long-running crisis-cum-soap-opera over Brexit may be reaching its denouement today at Chequers, the prime minister’s country house, where the full cabinet is locked in a final debate on whether or not to accept Theresa May’s proposed terms for leaving the European Union.


Before German Chancellor Angela Merkel picked a fight with her Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orbán in 2015 by opening the floodgates to a torrent of Third World migrants who had reached Hungary, she should have remembered the old line that a Hungarian is someone who enters a revolving door behind you and emerges in front of you.