National Review Institute has been spreading Bill Buckley’s message since 1991, and its antecedents go back decades further.


Only hours after you read this, the Tories will have decided whether or not to ditch Theresa May as Tory leader and thus as prime minister.


On arriving for the first time in decades on Spanish soil I realise that the last time I visited – as a child – General Franco was still in power. The memory of arriving at Spain’s border with France in 1963, the dusty crossing point with more donkeys than cars and the Spanish border guards with their exotic three-pointed Napoleonic Wars-era hats, is still strong.


In August 2011 the Australian American Leadership Dialogue talkfest convened in Perth and one of its sessions was a panel discussion on China’s regional ambitions. Malcolm Turnbull, then the Opposition’s communications spokesman, gave a presentation in which he argued that because the Chinese regime hadn’t contested its borders with Russia, fears were misplaced.


One of the things I used to look forward to on London visits was the theatre; but too often now the experience feels like subsidising an experiment in diversity engineering.