The Iberosfera as a post-colonial project

The latest study by Dániel Farkas

The paper analyzes the attributes and chances of the Iberosfera concept created by the Spanish Vox party and its Latin American allies in today’s post-colonial landscape in Latin America. The Iberosfera builds on previous projects of the Spanish Right to gain influence in Latin America, and likely on the idea of Anglosphere created by James C. Bennett. The idea can be understood as an anticolonial project, and arrives at a great time to capitalize on the sentiments of encroachment by Eurasian powers in Latin America. China, Russia, and to some extent Iran is on the march in Latin America, in alliance of certain left-wing governments. This potentially offers an anti-imperialist framework for the concept, although its members have to balance their relationship with the United States, in order not to be seen as malign tools of the ’Northern Giant’.



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