Danube Institute was established by the Batthyány Lajos Foundation in 2013 in Budapest, with the aim to represent and shape conservative and national values and mentality in our ever-changing world.
In line with the main objectives of the think tank, we consider it not only our duty but also our mission to connect right-centre intellectuals, scientists, politicians, and people interested in public life on both a domestic and an international level as a bridgehead representing time-proven values. 

Our institution wants to contribute to a joint thinking and discourse arching over nations primarily with networking, original research, and analysis and with participation in knowledge transfer and the exchange of experiences. Therefore, we consider it our mission of particular significance to:

  • establish and support research groups and research projects able to interpret and shape the current trends of conservative and national thought;
  • support initiatives in harmony with the spirit of our institution;
  • patronize the young generation interested in science and public life;
  • and organize conferences, open debates and discussions of significance on both a domestic and an international level.

The founding president of Danube Institute, John O’Sullivan, has been representing the values and objectives of the institution he built up right from the start. His work as an internationally renown commentator of crucial importance has been continually promoting and is still actively supporting and forming conservative and national thought and action.



At the end of March, two stunning news appeared about Hungary in the international media. One said that the Parliament had been suspended, the other claimed that the government had voted itself extraordinary powers and could henceforth govern freely by decrees.

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