Australia's Brexit Moment: Rejecting Racial Division in the Referendum - Dr. Simon P. Kennedy Lecture

Venue: Lónyay-Hatvany Villa - 1. Csónak str., 1015 Budapest

In October 2023, the Australian people said "No" to a proposal to alter the country's constitution. The left-wing Labor Government and a variety of activists, backed by business and political elites, proposed to enshrine a race-based body in Australia's constitutional system, one that they claimed would represent the interests and views of Australia's indigenous people. This proposal was rejected resoundingly at the ballot box, a result that has been called "Australia's Brexit moment." This talk will explore the lead-up to the vote, analyze the result, and explore what it means more broadly for politics in the West.

The discussion will be moderated by John O'Sullivan, President of the Danube Institute, the respondent will be Jeremy Carl, Senior Fellow of the Claremont Institute and a Danube Institute Visiting Fellow.

Language: English

Date: 6 November 2023, 5.30 PM
Venue: Lónyay-Hatvany Villa - 1. Csónak str., 1015 Budapest

Participation in the event is free, but registration is required, which can be done by email at events@danubeinstitute.hu or by clicking on the R.S.V.P. button:

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