Book Launch: A Contested Europe written by Prof. György Schöpflin

Date: 20 September, 2022 5.30 p.m. Venue: Lónyay-Hatvany Villa- 1. Csónak str., 1015 Budapest

The symposium is organised on the occasion of the release of the English edition of the last major work emanating from the pen of one of the most distinguished political scientists dealing with matters related to Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th Century. This English edition was in galleys when he passed away in November of 2021.

Introduced by:

-Pál Csáky, former Slovak member of EU Parliament, former Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Hungarian Minority Party in Slovakia
-Zsolt Németh, chair of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Hungarian Parliament
-Ferenc Hörcher, political philosopher, historian of political thought and philosopher of art
-Ferenc Miszlivetz, Director, iASK, professor, University of Pannonia Kőszeg Campus
-Gyula Kodolányi, Kossuth Prize-winning writer, literary translator, university professor
-John O’Sullivan, President of the Danube Institute


Date: 20 September, 2022  5.30 p.m.
Venue: Lónyay-Hatvany Villa- 1. Csónak str., 1015 Budapest (Entrance: Aranybástya - The Golden Bastion Restaurant)

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