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A Ceasefire Between Israel and Palestine Would Only Benefit Hamas and Result in More War and Killing

Article by Research Fellow Sáron Sugár, published by the Hungarian Conservative.

On 27 October, 20 days after Hamas launched its horrific series of attacks against Israel; the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution which called for ‘an immediate ceasefire in Gaza’. The accepted resolution made no mention of and didn’t condemn Hamas, which massacred, kidnapped, raped, burnt, and tortured more than 1,400 innocent Israeli Jews and foreigners alike, including children, women, men, and the elderly, and kidnapped around 240 Israeli civilians. The resolution also didn’t include that Hamas must free all of the Israeli hostages from Gaza as a non-negotiable term of the ceasefire.

120 countries voted in favour of the non-binding resolution introduced by Jordan, and as the Hungarian Conservative reported, Hungary was among the 14 countries and four European countries along with Austria, Croatia, and the Czech Republic, which voted against the resolution.