Media appearances

Careers Up Close: with Jeffrey Kaplan

Podcast with Prof. Jeffrey Kalpan, the distinguished fellow of the Danube Institute

In this episode, TPV editor Max Taylor interviews long-time fellow editor Jeffrey Kaplan, who is stepping back from the Journal after decades on the job. They reflect on his extensive career in the field, having reviewed countless submissions on the topics of racism, religious violence, terrorism and the far right. On both a personal and an academic level, they look at how current events will shape the future of the field and Jeffrey’s research.
Terrorism and Political Violence is a podcast series produced by the Journal of Terrorism and Political Violence (TPV) in collaboration with Utrecht University. This podcast is comprised of two types of episodes. In Issues up close, editors of the TPV journal will discuss a range of subjects from prominent issues covered by the journal such as the history of terrorism, its causes and consequences, questions concerning political violence and major global trends and threats. In our Book Talks episodes, editors will host conversations with experts from across the field to discuss their current work.