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Changing World Order, War and Security, Global Geopolitical Prospects — This Is What Happened at the Danube Geopolitical Summit

The Third Danube Institute Geopolitical Summit took place last week in the Castle District of Budapest, with such illustrious guests sharing their insights as former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, former Czech President Václav Klaus, Head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Hungarians Abroad Zsolt Németh, and Lewis Libby, researcher at the Hudson Institute and advisor to former US President George W. Bush. Article by the Hungarian Conservative.

A whole slew of internationally renowned experts, former and current state officials, academics, and researchers engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on 21–22 September 2023, at The Third Danube Geopolitical Summit, co-organized by the Danube Institute and the Heritage Foundation. John O’Sullivan, President of the Danube Institute, Dr James Carafano, Chief Advisor to the President of the Heritage Foundation, and Zsolt Németh, Head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Hungarians Abroad delivered the opening remarks of the event.

Dr Carafano lauded the successful cooperation between the two think tanks, the Danube Institute and the Heritage Foundation,

and stressed the importance of building transatlantic connectivity. As he highlighted: the Danube Institute is the place which gives a platform for real dialogue.

In his speech, MP Németh emphasized that the Danube Institute has greatly contributed to Hungary joining the international discourse of foreign policy. About the current global state of affairs, he stated: replacing the bipolar world order, a ‘concentric’ one is taking shape, the main actors of which are the G7, G20, and the BRICS states...