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Hamas Propaganda Is Regurgitated by the Western Mainstream Media — Luckily, Not All Fall for It

Article by Research Fellow Sáron Sugár, published by the Hungarian Conservative.

‘If we fought the Nazis now: 

BBC would run 100s of clips from their “team in Berlin”. 

They’d interview Goebbels to explain what was “really happening”.  

Show 1000 human interest stories about poor German families. 

They’d mention Nazis as “officials in Germany”. 

We’d lose.’ 

This is how David Collier, an award-winning investigative journalist, sarcastically but poignantly phrased in an X post just a few days ago how the mainstream media have reacted to Israel’s actions of self-defence aimed at eliminating Hamas soon after the terrorist organization brutally attacked the Jewish state on October 7.  

Since the outbreak of the war, more than 7,300 rockets have been fired from Gaza, more than 1,400 Israeli Jewish civilians, soldiers, and tourists from other countries were murdered in the most brutal ways, more than 4,500 were injured, and more than 220 were kidnapped including babies, women, men, and elderly. The mainstream media, however, still tries to downplay Hamas’ brutality and push the narrative of ‘Palestinians fighting for their freedom’ against an ‘occupier’ Israel.