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Hungary Helps Christian Armenians Forced to Leave Their Lives Behind in Nagorno-Karabakh

Article by Sáron Sugár, published by the Hungarian Conservative.

As an article by Premier Christian highlighted, for Armenians, leaving Nagorno-Karabakh is not just a geographical relocation, but also the act of severing ties with their deeply engrained cultural and religious heritage.


As Hungarian Conservative has recently reported, Tristan Azbej, State Secretary in Charge of Aiding Persecuted Christian Communities, announced in a recent Facebook post that, following the negotiations and at the church’s request, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, through Hungary Helps Program donated 40 million forints to the Armenian Red Cross to support their humanitarian programs. From the support, the organization assists Armenians who were forced to move from the Karabakh region to Armenia due to the conflict raging there for three decades.

The State Secretary added:

‘Due to the armed escalation of the last few weeks, followed by a deadly industrial disaster in Stepanakert, tens of thousands of Armenian people left their homes and settled in Armenia, where their care presents serious challenges. The Hungarian assistance aims to contribute to the region’s stability by helping the civilian victims of the conflict and the fuel warehouse explosion. The position of Hungary and the Hungarian government regarding the Karabakh conflict is also clear and decisive: peace is the only sustainable solution in the region.’