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Israel’s Darkest Day and Its Message to the World

Article by Sáron Sugár, published by the Hungarian Conservative.

On Wednesday, the Dohány Street Synagogue filled with people for a solidarity service held by the Hungarian Jewish communities. Dr Andor Grósz, head of the Hungarian Jewish Federation MAZSIHISZ, said: ‘The mourning and grief of the Jewish community is shared by Hungarian society,’ adding that the Hamas terrorists ‘brutally violated the Ten Commandments, a gift of the Torah to mankind.’

Last December, I attended the Christian Media Summit in Israel, where we had a chance to travel to Southern Israel to visit an IDF army base and see for ourselves how people live only two kilometres from the Gaza border.

The communities we visited have been almost entirely destroyed or evacuated since the morning of 7 October when Hamas launched several attacks against the State of Israel.

One of the earliest horrifying massacres happened at the Supernova music festival in Kibbutz Re’im, where thousands of young people partied three miles from the Gaza border. On the morning of 7 October, the festival was stopped as rocket sirens sounded, and suddenly, out of nowhere, fifty terrorists in military uniforms entered the site, shooting indiscriminately and murdering 260 innocent people. Noa Argamani was last seen in the viral video begging for her life on the back of a Hamas terrorist’s motorcycle, with her outstretched arms pointing toward her helpless boyfriend. She screams, ‘Don’t kill me! No, no, no’—but the gunman speeds off. Today—when this article is written—on Noa’s 26th birthday, her heartbroken parents sent her birthday messages, which were shared by many via social media ‘hoping it will reach her.’