Information Warfare and Democratic Elections: the Polish experience

The latest research of our Researcher, Edina Julianna Haiszky

The recent Polish election holds profound implications for Poland, Europe, and Russia, with Poland playing a crucial role in supporting Ukraine and welcoming refugees. Simultaneously, the election serves as a case study in the influence of Russian disinformation tactics on democratic processes. Therefore, the aim of this analysis is to provide a comprehensive overview through the example of the Polish elections. For this purpose the first section analyses the differences between former Soviet and current Russian disinformation activities and the nature of the changes. This is followed by a broad overview of the current milestones in Russian-Polish relations and the significance of the area for Russia's foreign and security policy, in order to ensure the completeness of the theoretical understanding. Thus the Polish elections illustrate the multifaceted interaction of Russian disinformation in shaping regional geopolitics and democratic outcomes.


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