Alexander Rosenthal-Pubul and Daniel J. Mahoney Discuss a Fresh Vision of Conservatism in the 21st Century – Book Launch Event

In their new book, The Wisdom of Our Ancestors, Graham McAleer and Alexander Rosenthal-Pubul offer a renewed vision of conservatism for the twenty-first century. They begin with a simple question: What is the meaning of conservatism? In reply, they make a case for a “conservative humanism,” which threads a middle way between liberal universalism and its ideological alternatives. At its core, conservative humanism attempts to reconcile universal moral values (rooted in natural law) with local, particularist loyalties. In articulating this position, McAleer and Rosenthal-Pubul show that the West does, in fact, have a great deal of wisdom to offer. In his foreword to the book, Daniel J. Mahoney calls this new vision of conservatism "wise and valuable." The Danube Institute is pleased to invite you to join Professor Mahoney, and Dr. Alexander Rosenthal-Pubul, as they discuss The Wisdom of Our Ancestors and the questions that it raises. Panelists: -Prof. Daniel J. Mahoney, a professor emeritus at Assumption University (where he taught from 1986 until 2021), a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, and a senior writer at Law and Liberty. He has written extensively on statesmanship, French political thought, the art and political thought of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, conservatism, religion and politics, and various themes in political philosophy -Dr. Alexander Rosenthal-Pubul, Director of the Petrarch Institute, Co-author with Graham J. McAleer of The Wisdom of Our Ancestors: Conservative Humanism and the Western Tradition (University of Notre Dame Press, 2023) -Dr. David L. Dusenbury, Senior Fellow, Danube Institute