Alp Mehmet - Danube Dialogues by Danube Institute

What is happening in Britain regarding the case of (illegal) immigration

This year the numbers have risen. What are the reasons behind this process? The proplem of people smugglers is also present in the region: Are Britain and France doing as much as possible to put the cross-Channel people smugglers out of business? Last year Boris Johnson told illegal immigrants 'we'll send you back'. Is pushing illegal immigrants back possible? In what ways does the case of immigration change the political situation in Britain? And regarding Europe, has anything changed since 2015? In the latest episode of the Danube Dialogues our guest was Alp Mehmet, chairman of Migration Watch, UK. Mr. Mehmet discussed the above mentioned questions and topics with Mark Higgie, Senior Fellow at the Danube Institute and Melissa O'Sullivan, the Danube Institute's Deputy-Director.

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