Anti-Semitism in Hungary: Appearance and Reality Book Release - Hungarian Judaism in History


Date: 28 February 2023 

The two-volume Anti-Semitism in Hungary: Appearance and Reality, published by Helena Historical Press in the United States, provides an insight into the problem of anti-Semitism in Hungary on both a historical and contemporary basis as seen through the eyes of Hungarian Jewish leaders, international NGO's, academics from Israel and the United States, and the Hungarian government. Volume One reflects the speeches given at the Anti-Semitism in Hungary: Appearance and Reality conference which was held in 2021 as well as a selection of original academic articles. Volume 2 is composed of in-depth interviews with Jewish leaders from across the spectrum of Hungarian Jewish life. To celebrate the release of the books the Danube institute is proud to host a follow-up conference that again features leaders of the Hungarian Jewish community, Hungarian and foreign academics, and representatives of Hungarian NGOs.

- Prof. Jehuda Hartman, Israel
- Prof. Menachem Karen-Kratz, Israel
- György Szabó, MAZSÖK
- Virág Lőrincz, Danube Institute
- Prof. David Martin Jones, Director of Research, Danube Institute
- Péter Morvay, Translator