"Cancelling Cancel Culture" - Part 4.

This is the fourth of a multi-part series entitled “Cancelling Cancel Culture”, featuring Ákos Kovács, a Hungarian artist who has been producing chart-topping hits and albums for 30 years. What role does the artist play in resisting Cancel Culture? He is joined in the conversation by Rod Dreher, U. S. author of “Live Not by Lies”, British-American writer Charles C. W. Cooke, senior writer for National Review, and Erik Tegnér of France, founder of French media company “Livre Noir”.

“Cancelling Cancel Culture” is a gathering of significant voices from countries on both sides of the Atlantic, including Laurence Fox, Professor Frank Furedi and Douglas Murray from the U.K., Dr James Lindsay, Rod Dreher, Charles Cooke and Dave Rubin from the U.S., Eric Tegnér and Eric Zemmour from France, Professor Ryszard Legutko from Poland, Professor Josette Baer from Switzerland and pop star Ákos of Hungary.

All over the Western world, speakers who hold unpopular views that is, views unpopular with the Left are being told that they cannot speak. Sometimes they are dismissed by the companies for which they work. Sometimes their articles are accepted by newspapers but then returned because some journalists on the paper object. Sometimes they are physically attacked and injured. There’s been a reluctance to accept that these things are happening, but they are.
That’s why we’ve brought together this group of distinguished academics, journalists, and artists from several countries to discuss this disturbing new trend.

In Part Four, we feature artist Ákos, a singer, songwriter, and poet of Hungary. Ákos Kovács has been producing chart-topping hits and albums for 30 years, headlining all major festivals in Hungary & filling arenas all over the country. Accumulated sales of his albums are more than one and a half million copies in a nation of 10 million. His movement-like cult following has its core in the 30-40-year-old age group. He directed and filmed several videoclips, has written theatre music and a soundtrack for the House of Terror Museum. He also writes poetry, he published five books of his poems. He was awarded the highest state honors, the Kossuth Prize in 2012. He received his MBA degree at Budapest University of Economic Sciences in 1992. He is the father of four children.