Eurasianism as a Response to Global Crisis


Date: 07 March 2023

Eurasianism as a Response to Global Crisis: Dugin's political ideology in historical and contemporary context

Dr. Noble and Anton Bendarzsevszkij discussed the Neo-Eurasian political thoughts of Alexander Dugin in relation to the long century of Russian Eurasianism. Seeking to explain Russia's unique social, political and cultural essence, Eurasianism relies on a combination of historical, geographical and esoteric arguments. While Dugin's extreme "counter-Western" philosophy has been a fringe mainstay for decades, the recent rapid transformation of geopolitical dynamics has potentially created a new place for Neo-Eurasianism in Russian political and cultural discourse. The event aimed to help better understanding of ideologies influential in nowadays Russia. The speakers gave a critical analysis not only of Dugin’s ideas, but also other ideological currents which can have impact on Russian public opinion and political leaders.

- Dr. Brittany Pheiffer Noble, an expert on 20th-century Russian intellectual history and religion
- Anton Bendarzsevszkij, Director of research, Oeconomus Economic Research Foundation
- Prof. David Martin Jones, Director of Research, Danube Institute