Five Eyes, Four Realms and Central Europe featuring Stephen Klimczuk-Massion


A conversation with Stephen Klimczuk-Massion, Danube Institute Visiting Fellow, author and commentator.

Few dispute that the Anglosphere's "Five Eyes" countries are at the core of the West's security architecture, but few know that the English-speaking world's engagement with Central Europe goes back decades and, in some respects, even centuries.  But there are subtle and important differences between the place and role of the USA in this picture and the other four countries, the so-called "CANZUK" realms (The UK, Canada, Australia & NZ), which together form a distinct community of nations.  In 2023, the connection between the Anglosphere and Central Europe has never been stronger, more important -- or, at times, more controversial.

Stephen Klimczuk-Massion, co-author of the new book The Enduring Crown Commonwealth: The Past, Present, and Future of the UK-Canada-ANZ Alliance and Why It Matters


Stephen Klimczuk-Massion is a corporate and geopolitical strategist, scenario planner, former Oxford fellow and current advisory board member of CANZUK International.  He previously served as a principal of one of the world's largest management consultancies and head of its applied think tank for CEOs and prime ministers.  A Harvard MBA, he has also been head of strategy for late billionaire investor Sir John Templeton's main private foundation.  The son of Polish political exiles, he is currently based in the Vancouver area.