From Counterculture to Establishment Subculture: Orthodoxy in 21st century Russia


Date: 22 February 2023

During the late Soviet and early post-Soviet period there were several distinct movements pushing for a return to the Orthodox Church. In her lecture, Dr. Noble considers these religious currents and how they relate to the institutional church. She also analyses how demographic trends and religious practices illuminate popular Orthodoxy piety in 21st century Russia. Finally, she examines how these at times come into conflict with the institutional church's relationship to the Russian state.

Brittany Pheiffer Noble holds a PhD in from the Slavic Department of Columbia University in New York City. Her field of expertise is 20th century Russian intellectual history and religion with a particular focus on Russian emigré thought and culture. She is co-translator of Arab Orthodox under the Ottomans:1518-1831 and resides in Leuven, Belgium.

-Dr. Brittany Pheiffer Noble, expert on 20th century Russian intellectual history and religion
-Prof. David Martin Jones, Director of Research, Danube Institute

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