Hammer, Sickle and Cross - Conference on religion in Central and Eastern Europe

Danube Institute hosted a conference in the topic of religion in Central and Eastern Europe both on past and present, entitled ’’Hammer, Sickle and Cross’’.

While the conference was inspired by the memory of Venerable Cardinal Mindszenty – who was the symbol of the event too – it also covered the persecution of Christianity throughout the region in the 40 years after the Second World War.

Our speakers included: Michael von Habsburg-Lothringen, President Cardinal, Mindszenty Foundation H. E. Ambassador David Cornstein, U.S. Dr. Robin Harris, CBE, vice-president of the Croatian Centre for the Renewal of Culture Rafal Latka, historian, political scientist and author, Institute of National Remembrance Professor Rocco Buttiglione, MP, Italian academic, author and politician Alvino-Mario Fantini, Editor-in-Chief of the European Conservative István Kiss, Executive Director, Danube Institute John O’Sullivan, President, Danube Institute

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