New challenges, modern answers - U.S. midterm elections forecast

The United States midterm elections could influence US and global politics for the next two years and greatly determine what the Biden-administration will be able to do in their time left. The polls show a good chance for the Republicans to take back the House of Representatives and even perhaps the Senate. Is this really possible, can we still trust the polls, and what factors will ultimately determine the outcome of the midterm elections? On November 3rd we tried to find answers to these questions with American domestic and foreign policy experts.
- Balázs Mártonffy, the director of the Institute for American Studies
- Rod Dreher, the senior editor of The American Conservative, Director of Network Project - Danube Institute
- István Stumpf, former constitutional justice of the Constitutional Court of Hungary, senior researcher at the Institute for American Studies
- István Kiss, Executive Director of the Danube Institute, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Hungarian Conservative
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