PART3: FORECASTS AND SOLUTIONS - Free Market Road Show Budapest 2023


Date: 25 April 2023

There is no need to describe the many problems and crises of our time. But there is a great need to look at the causes and refute the simplified and politically opportune explanations. Only if we know exactly what the problems are and how they arose will we be able to find the right solution.

New standards have come into force in almost all areas of policy and they are changing our lives, sometimes noticeably, sometimes surreptitiously, but often permanently. Let’s explore if these new standards are worth striving for.


-Managing the $300 Trillion Debt Burden: Is there a solution other than Default; Restructure or Inflate?
-Inflation: A decade ago governments’ fears of deflation and their actions led to today’s inflation. -What could be the consequences of their attempt to bring inflation down to 2%?
-Banks in Crisis: More regulation; downsize or replace? Are CBDCs and crypto the answer?
-The Outlook for Dedollarization and Deglobalization in a Unipolar vs Multipolar World
-The US; Eurozone; Europe; BRICS and Hungary In Context

- Terry Anker, Chairman, Anker Consulting Group;
- Lawson Bader, CEO of Donors Trust & Donors Capital Fund; 
- John Chisholm, CEO-John Chisholm Ventures;
- John Fund, National Affairs Columnist for National Review Magazine;
- Martin Gundinger, Economist and Senior Research Fellow at AEC;
- Amb. Peter Szabadhegy, former Ambassador for Hungary to the UK and former banker/venture capitalist.
- John Prout, Investor / former Hedge Fund Manager/Investment Banker