Second Danube Summit on Geopolitics, Security, and Defense - 2nd day - SESSION I


Date: 1-2 December 2022

The Danube Institute is proud to present its second annual summit on Geopolitics in Budapest. Panel Discussions focused on the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and its after-effects on the region as well as transnational issues, including the status of NATO capabilities, global energy, trade, and logistics affairs, and the competing ideals and agendas that impact them.

- Prof. David Martin Jones, Director of Research at the Danube Institute
Topic: Competing Visions: The Clash of Civilizations and Ideas
- Dr. George Bogden, Olin Fellow, Columbia University/Senior Visiting Researcher at Bard College/2022 Helmut Schmidt Fellow at the German Marshall Fund, Berlin
Topic: Rules-based orders: Nationalism vs Globalism
- John O’Sullivan, CBE, President of the Danube Institute
Topic: Democracy vs. Authoritarianism, The Biden Foreign Policy
- Prof. Maria Engström, Professor of Russian at Uppsala University, Sweden
Topic: Russia’s Worldview: Katechon and Atomic Orthodoxy
- Prof. Jeffrey Kaplan, Distinguished Fellow, Danube Institute
Topic: Rifts in the Muslim World:  Global Jihad
- Prof. Mark Sedgwick, Aarhaus University, Denmark
Topic: The Radical Right and Clashes of Civilizations and Ideas
- Erzsébet Rózsa Nagyné Dr., Professor, National University of Public Service
Topic: Iran in a Post-American Middle Eastern Order