The Demographic Cliff and Family Policy a Conservative Perspective

The last two decades have brought about a worldwide, steep, and accelerating fall in birth rates. Most developed economies are already below replacement level, and many other countries are heading in the same direction. Conservatives are the leading critics of these trends and attempt to counter them with family-focused policies. Are those policies working? Are they enough? Are some societies coping better than others?

This event will look at these questions from the perspective of four different countries.


  • Dr. Ofir Haivry – Vice-President of the Herzl Institute of Jerusalem and a co-founder of the Edmund Burke Foundation of Washington, DC, Visiting Fellow of the Danube Institute
  • Liliana Smiech – President of the Warsaw Institute
  • Francesco Carraro – Deputy-Coordinator for “Nazione Futura”, Italy
  • István Kiss – Executive Director, Danube Institute