The Evolution of Storytelling in Hollywood featuring Katherine Brodsky

A deep dive into the evolution of the entertainment industry, both in terms of freedom of expression and technological advancements, and what this might mean for the future. Does increasing political correctness mean that certain major award-winning work we admire from the days past would not get made today? How are artists being limited? What efforts are being made from outside the system to challenge the status quo? There’s no doubt that certain technological innovations are having an impact on storytelling, too. How will AI transform the industry? Will some actors get to “live” forever? What are the ethical implications? As technology evolves, it makes it more accessible for those outside of the Hollywood bubble to produce their independent work with more impressive results than ever—what effect will it have on storytelling? Will more independents find success outside of Hollywood? Will we still be shooting movies on-location in 20 years?

Join writer Katherine Brodsky for a closer look at the future of storytelling.

Brodsky has served as a correspondent for the legendary Hollywood trade magazine Variety for over a decade and has also contributed to publications such as The Washington Post, WIRED, The Guardian, Esquire, Newsweek, Mashable, New York Magazine’s Vulture, Entertainment Weekly, and many others. Over the years, she has interviewed a diverse range of intriguing personalities, including numerous Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Pulitzer, and Nobel Prize winners and nominees. She has also produced content for numerous studios such as Sony, NBC/Universal, MGM, ABC, Amazon Studios, Apple, Universal Pictures, CW, BBC Canada, Disney, National Geographic, E! News, Hallmark, and many others. She’s the author of the upcoming book No Apologies: How to Find Our Voice in the Age of Outrage (Jan 30/24).