The New World Disorder

24 February 2022 marks a definitive turning point in our history and our lives.
From now on, the world will never be the same. Our societies and international relations were based on the post-WWII security system and the principles introduced then. Our world was based on security guarantees provided by great powers and binding international agreements. • What happens when it appears that the binding agreements are not working? • Does the Russian war in Ukraine mark a point of no return, where the only power that matters is unconditional force?

- John O'Sullivan, the President of the Danube Institute

- Prof. Andrew Roberts, Distinguished British historian, and author

- Márton Ugrósdy, Director of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade John

- O’Sullivan, President of Danube Institute

- Rodrigo Ballester, Head of the Centre for European Studies at Mathias Corvinus Collegium

- Anton Bendarzsevszkij, Director of research at Danube Institute