Why Ukraine Needs to Win the Russia-Ukraine War - David Satter lecture


David Satter will discuss the history of Russian-Ukrainian relations, the criminalization of Russia, the Russian leadership's motives in attacking Ukraine, and the geopolitical consequences if Russia's aggression is successful. Mr. Satter will also discuss the position of Hungary and its implications for U.S.-Hungarian relations.

David Satter has been a writer and commentator on Russia and Ukraine for nearly five decades. He is the former Moscow correspondent of  The Financial Times and author of  Never Speak to Strangers and other writings from Russia and the Soviet Union (2020).

-Dr. David Satter - writer, commentator, Danube Institute Visiting Fellow
-Dr. Attila Demkó - Head of the Centre for Geopolitics, Mathias Corvinus Collegium-MCC
-Dr. Stephen F. Hayward - Political Commentator, Author, and Policy Scholar, Danube Institute Visiting Fellow
-Moderator: Dr. David Martin Jones - Director of Research, Danube Institute