Dr. David L. Dusenbury

Dr. David L. Dusenbury

Senior Fellow (2021-)

D. L. Dusenbury is a historian of ideas. He obtained his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Leuven and held, most recently, a research fellowship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His books include Platonic Legislations and The Innocence of Pontius Pilate. He has lectured widely in Europe on topics in philosophy, religion, law, and the history of ideas. His essays and criticism have appeared in The Times Literary Supplement, Corriere della Serra, American Affairs, and other cultural and political reviews.


Dr. David L. Dusenbury's overview of his new book, The Innocence of Pontius Pilate. This overview was published at the Canopy Forum. 


This is a brief introduction of Dr. David L. Dusenbury's new book, "The Innocence of Pontius Pilate" published by Peter Leithart on the Theopolis.


The separation of politics and religion has its roots in discourses over whether or not Pontius Pilate could be held guilty of having ordered ‘the death of God’. 


Peter J. Leithart published an introduction of Dr. David L. Dusenbury's new book, "The innocence of Pontius Pilate" at the First Things.