Brexit – Where to Go From Here? Roundtable Discussion

The upcoming week seem to be a decisive one, in one of the most controversy negotiation of the XXI. Century, namely Brexit. If not postponed again, the House of Commons will vote again on Tuesday on the EU – UK Brexit agreement, which have not been altered meaningfully, and was outvoted by a historical record in January. In case of an unfavourable result, the government would present a vote the day after on whether the Parliament would allow the possibility of a No-Deal Brexit. All surveys indicate that the vast majority of the House of Commons opposes such scenario. Having both denied, the government would then allow MPs to vote on the postponing of original exit day on Thursday, to which all 27 remaining EU member state consent is required.


The situation indicates a struggleful week and the clock is ticking, especially if the UK really wishes to exit on the original date, which they fought for two years.

Besides discovering the background of the happenings of the week, the following questions will be discussed too;

How did Brexit end-up to a state where basically none of the sides wanted and none of them are satisfied?
What impacts would a postpone or another referendum have on the society?
What implications will the unfolding events have on the nearby EU election?

Presenters of the event:
-John O’Sullivan, President of Danube Institute, former speechwriter of Theresa May
-Caitlin Jones, Deputy Head of Mission at the UK Embassy to Hungary

Árpád Csabuda
, President of PaIR Club

The IDSA, Danube Institue and IBS PaIR Club joint event

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