Partners in Eastern Europe, Multiple Crossroads: Politics and the Rule of Law in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

Political and legal analysts from the Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine will examine and explain the developments in their countries.

Danube Institute held a major international conference entitled, “Partners in Eastern Europe, Multiple Crossroads:  Politics and the Rule of Law in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine”.

Promising Times: Political Developments of the past year in the Eastern Neighborhood:
Panel dicussion moderated by Anton Bendarjevskiy, expert of foreign affairs and security policy of post-Soviet countries, former director of Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation, former journalist and editor of Kitekintő

Vlad Dubrovskiy, Senior Economist, CASE Ukraine, Kyiv

Ghia Nodia, Professor, Ilia State University and Chair, Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development, Tbilisi

Andrei Popov, President, Moldovan Institute for Strategic Initiatives

Fragile perspectives: the Advancement of Rule of Law in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine:
Panel discussion moderated by Kálmán Mizsei , former EU Special Representative for Moldova, former Head of the EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations

Eka Oniani, Judicial Legislation and Policy Reform Specialist, East West Management Institute / USAID, PhD Candidate at New Vision University Tbilisi

Iulian Rusu, Deputy Director, Institute for European Policies and Reforms, Chisinau

Mykhailo Zhernakov, Head of Board of DEJURE Foundation, Ukraine

This program was organized by Executive Director, Noemi Koranyi and she served as the Moderator. 


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