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Elections in Hungary: Europe's conservative bastion remains strong

Ákos Bence Gát, head of communications and foreign affairs of DanubeInstitute published an article on recent Hungarian elections in the French online magazine Atlantico. 
The author raises attention to aspects of Hungarian politics usually ignored by international media:
The victory of PM Viktor Orbán is in large part explained by the efficiency of his government during the last 12 years.
Economic indicators also attest that the country, which suffered from a moral, political and economic crisis before 2010, went through spectacular development.
The opposition did not gain support from electors because it was unable to renew itself.
Several opposition parties run a joint candidate list for the election, but this alliance was discredited by the participation of the party of the former socialist PM failed before 2010 (DK) and the extreme right party Jobbik.
The young Members of the Momentum party only renewed the opposition in terms of age, but they were not able to change the old mentality solely based on anti-Orban discourse.
In the context of the war in Ukraine, Hungarian electors felt that only the current PM is able to take responsible decisions and duly represent the interests of Hungary.
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