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Post-Scripts to a London Letter

Today’s news includes the information that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have let go the 15-strong staff of their office in Buckingham Palace.

It was, wrote the Daily Mail, the clearest sign yet that they and infant Archie would never return to live in Britain. That was not the harshest comment on the half-time-royal couple in the British media. Kathy Gyngell on the Conservative Woman website argues suspiciously that this look like the start of a long goodbye that is Meghan’s interests but not Harry’s: “There is something that looks increasingly calculating about their behaviour. It has all the signs of considerable planning and is all the more the more shocking for that. They are certainly becoming past masters of knowing how to upset the public as well as causing the Queen and Prince William, in particular, anguish and upset. Meghan may not mind — she has plenty of avenues to explore for her future — but it looks increasingly desperate and damaging for Prince Harry’s prospects.”

After all, what will Harry do in “North America”? The future that Ms. Gyngell sees for Prince Harry has him replaying the Humphrey Bogart part in the Paris railroad station scene from Casablanca. And that kind of comment — in fact far harsher ones — have been making the rounds since it was announced that Harry and Meghan would be talking to a JP Morgan conference in Palm Beach for, ahem, a princely sum — though in fact princes don’t have the kind of sums these days to compare with Hollywood billionaires. It’s suggested that Meghan is looking to exploit the “Royal Brand” in order to raise her movie profile — or in other words, she’s now being typecast in the Anne Baxter role in All About Eve.

Before things got quite this savage, we at the Danube Institute invited Anne-Elisabeth Moutet to discuss “Meghzit” in Budapest. She gave a brilliantly entertaining performance. See it here.

And pay attention to her predictions of Meghan’s post-Royal career. It will chill your blood.

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