V4 Relations with Ukraine

Study about the V4 relations with Ukraine by our Researcher, Péter Szitás & Bence Szabó

The V4 countries – Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia – have taken different approaches to bilateral cooperation with Ukraine. In 2019, when Zelensky defeated Poroshenko in the elections, many expectations were born towards policy changes. In Budapest, there were hopes for re-establishing an optimal level of collaboration with Kyiv. However, Moscow’s aggression has changed everything. The V4 countries are in a crucial position to help Ukraine. In this analysis, the authors will examine the different narratives and interests of the V4 countries concerning Kyiv that came into view in the previous years. It is not just geopolitical concerns that influence the decision-makers. Traditional ways of thinking, domestic politics, public opinion, politics of memory and national feelings also have an essential role in forming them. These mixed concerns of small states make this region unique.

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