Attacks on Christian Communities and Institutions Preliminary Conference - Panel 2


The 'Attacks on Christian Communities and institutions' themed conference organized by the Danube Institute on March 28 was designed as a preliminary conference and served as a step toward a more extensive international conference series throughout the year.
The second panel of the conference focused on the situation of Christians in Africa and Europe. Researchers from the Danube Institute and from the Migration Research Institute gave an outline of the current situation of Christian communities in Sudan, Nigeria, Poland and France.

- Viktor Marsai, Research Director of Migration Research Institute
- Overall Project - Fanni Korpics, Research Fellow at Danube Institute - France
- Zsófia Tóth-Bíró, Research Fellow at Danube Institute - Sudan
- Klaudia Tóth, Research Fellow at Migration Research Institute - Nigeria
- Marek Sobisz, Opoka - Poland
- Attila Gulyás, Retired Military Counterintelligence Officer - Dark web