Free Market Road Show 2022 - Welcome and Introduction

In an era of war in Ukraine and the terrible toll in lives lost and injured, there are serious economic impacts that will result: reduced wheat harvest, delay in fertilizer exports, sanctions against Russia including the removal from SWIFT, concerns of food shortages, food and fuel inflation and more, a distinguished gathering will address the challenges of our time and examine what solutions can be offered to meet them.
Among others, the following topics will be discussed at the 2022 Budapest turn of the Free Market Road Show, a joint event of the Danube Institute and Austrian Economic Centre:
• Europe’s Energy Crisis: Impact, Outlook and Possible Solutions and the Geopolitical and Macroeconomic Implications for EU relations with the rest of the world.
• Is the V4 Still Europe’s ‘New Economic Heart’? The V4 countries were fast becoming the key second engine. With the energy crisis further complicated by the differing political responses to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, what is needed to get the V4 “economic engine” back on track?
• From Globally Synchronized Growth to Globally Synced Inflation or Deflation? The trend towards de-globalization that started when COVID showed the world’s dependency on China for personal protective equipment (PPE) has increased dramatically as energy prices spiked with the sanctions on Russia. Europe is more vulnerable than the U.S. and while both are suffering from globally synchronized inflation the U.S. Federal Reserve is about to tighten interest rates and possibly put its economy into recession. Speakers will discuss the implications of this divergence and the outlook for EU and US monetary and fiscal policy.
• China’s support of Russia has been cautious so far. How do the experts see its role in the post-Ukraine/post-Covid world and how will it impact EU relations?
- John O’Sullivan, CBE, President of the Danube Institute
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