In this episode of the Danube Dialogues, John O’Sullivan, President of the Danube Institute in Budapest interviews Martin Walker, British journalist and thriller writer about his experiences as a foreign correspondent in many different parts of the world and his views on history, leaders and the nature of the ever-changing politics. Conservatism was always centered around extremely charismatic leaders, of which we are in short supply these days, as the magnitude of Thatcher could not be compared to the controversiality of Trump. On the left, however, leaders don’t matter as much as policies, and Walker thinks social democracy needs lead the green revolution if it wants to hold its platform in the future.


In this episode of the Danube Institute’s new podcast series, the Danube Dialogues, John O’Sullivan, the president of the institute interviewed Nigel Farage, well-known broadcaster and journalist, former leader of the UKIP, founder of the Brexit Party and one of the most prominent figures behind Britain leaving the European Union.


Melanie Philips will answer plenty of questions surrounding the everyday life of us and also some particularly interesting topics like immigration, marxism and the liberals but she also expresses her views on the latest news from the United States; the failure of universities to protect free speech and police brutality against black people are the questions raised by John O'Sullivan, the president of Danube Institute.