Attacks on Christian Communities and Institutions Preliminary Conference - Panel 1


The 'Attacks on Christian Communities and institutions' themed conference organized by the Danube Institute on March 28 was designed as a preliminary conference and served as a step toward a more extensive international conference series throughout the year. 

The first panel of the conference focused on the situation of Christians in the Middle East. Researchers from the Danube Institute gave a brief overview of the current situation of Christian communities in Kurdistan, Egypt, Syria, and Pakistan.

- Jeffrey Kaplan, Distinguished Fellow at Danube Institute 
- Tamás Orbán, Research Fellow at Danube Institute - Iraqi Kurdistan 
- Sáron Sugár, Research Fellow at Danube Institute - Egypt 
- Lidia Papp, Research Fellow at Danube Institute - Syria 
- David Nagy, Research Fellow at Danube Institute - Pakistan 
- Tomah Ejbara, Regional Project Manager (Middle East) for Hungary Helps - Jordan