Is Leftism a Religion?

As God has diminished in American and Western culture, the Left has replaced God with the religion of Leftism.
Will Witt, a Colorado native, attended the University of Colorado for two years before he dropped out, a decision he made based on the relentless indoctrination the universities in America constantly push. Before working for PragerU, he worked with other nonprofits to help spread the values of freedom and conservatism across America. Will Witt now creates online content for PragerU, is a National Bestselling Author, international speaker, the host of Will & Amala Live, and has hosted and helped direct two short documentaries.
Will Witt is an internationally recognized digital influencer and best-selling author who got his start in the media world with short online videos in 2018. He has since grown his influence tremendously with his unique brand of political comedy, cultural insight, and production of short documentaries. Will's videos have received over 600 million views and have had a major influence on the cultural landscape of America today, educating and entertaining millions of people every week all over social media with sketch comedy, man on the street videos, a weekly podcast, short documentaries, and rants on all of the issues of the day.
Will has appeared on Fox News, The New York Times, Newsmax, Daily Wire, One America News Network, The Blaze, and many others. He has given over a hundred speeches since his start working in the media world and has reached millions of people with his message. Will speaks on political and cultural issues with an emphasis on how freedom-loving Americans can save this country.

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