Post-Election Analysis of the Israeli Election

Date: 08 November, 2022 5:30 p.m. Venue: Lónyay-Hatvany Villa- 1. Csónak str., 1015 Budapest

Israeli voters returned to the ballot box on November first for the fifth time in four years.  The current government of the 24th Knesset marked an end to the 15-year reign of Benjamin Netanyahu, but the seven-party coalition, headed by Prime Minister Neftali Bennet never managed to consolidate power and was dissolved earlier this year. After that, Benjamin Netanyahu could return to power by winning the elections on 1 November! But what will a ‘new’ Netanyahu-era look like?  What policies will the previous coalition government pursue after it leaves power? Can weary Israeli voters hope for a more stable government? 

Danube Institute has gathered a unique blend of voices to examine the election results.
Our speakers include:

  • Hananya Naftali, leading Israeli Jewish influencer and human rights activist in the fight against antisemitism and terrorism against Israel. 
  • Dr. Ofir Haivry, Vice-President of the Herzl Institute of Jerusalem and a co-founder of the Edmund Burke foundation of Washington, DC.
  • Dr. Balázs Gábor, Vice-rector, Jewish Theological Seminary - University of Jewish Studies
  • István Kiss, Executive Director of the Danube Institute, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Hungarian Conservative

 Date: 08 November 2022, 5.30 p.m.
Venue: Lónyay-Hatvany Villa- 1. Csónak str., 1015 Budapest 
(Entrance: Aranybástya - The Golden Bastion Restaurant)


Dr. Gábor Balázs received his PhD. at Bar Ilan University in Israel. His main academic interest is the connection between morality, politics and religion; contemporary Jewish identity; Israeli art, society and identity. He is a professor of Jewish and Israeli Philosophy at the Jewish Theological Seminary-University of Jewish Studies. He is the acting rector of the institution and the head of the Rabbinical Training Program. He is also active in numerous frameworks of Jewish adult education. Formerly he worked as the Head of Jewish and Israel Studies at Lauder Javne Jewish Community School, the director of the Israeli Cultural Institute in Budapest, and the headmaster of the school of the Orthodox Jewish Community of Hungary. As a community activity he served for eight years as the vice president of the Orthodox Community of Hungary.

Hananya Naftali is a leading Israeli Jewish influencer and human rights activist in the fight against antisemitism and terrorism against Israel. Hananya has completed his degree in political science at the Open University in Tel Aviv. He served in the Israeli army as a combat medic. During his service he fought in the 2014 Gaza War and has treated Syrian wounded civilians due to the civil war. Today he defends Israel in the international arena. Since 2018, Hananya has been working with the former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of his digital team. 

Dr. Ofir Haivry is the Vice-President of the Herzl Institute of Jerusalem and a co-founder of the Edmund Burke foundation of Washington DC. He has a PhD from University College of London. His fields of research are the history of political thought, and especially the Anglo-American tradition as well as Jewish political thought. He has published his book "John Selden and the Western Political Tradition" (Cambridge University Press), as well as chapters in academic books and numerous essays in journals and Magazines, in the US, Israel, UK, Italy France and Hungary. Dr. Haivry is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Danube Institute, researching traditions of European conservatism. Hananya Naftali 

Istvan Kiss is the Executive Director of the Danube Institute and will serve as Moderator.  He is a political scientist and an international relations expert. He has earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Pázmány Péter Catholic University and at the University of Edinburgh. Currently he is working on his PhD at his alma mater. From 2013 to 2018 he worked at the Századvég Foundation first as a Research Fellow then as a Senior Research Fellow. Formerly, he worked as a Political Adviser in the Prime Minister’s Office of Hungary.


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