Navigating Shifting Tides: The Evolution of Moscow-New Delhi Relations in a Complex Global Arena

Haiszky Edina Julianna kutatónk elemzése

The first conceptual unit explores the historical evolution of Russian-Indian relations, tracing its roots from the solid foundations of the Soviet era to contemporary challenges. The subsequent part delves into the current state of cooperation between the two nations, spanning domains such as defense, energy, and multilateral forums. Following the focus shifts to the challenges posed by the rise of China, the resurgence of U.S.-India ties, and Russia's pivot towards Beijing amidst Western isolation. Lastly the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on the relationship is analyzed, questioning the resilience of their bond amidst competing alliances and economic realities. Nevertheless, the enduring mutual respect and shared interests between Russia and India, which shape regional dynamics, are highlighted, underscoring the importance of strategic foresight and diplomatic agility in navigating shifting geopolitical landscapes.

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