Braving a New World Order

Article by Visiting Fellow, Dr. Simon P. Kennedy, published by Quadrant Online.

Conservatives and right-wing types, wherever and whoever they might be, need to face up to the reality of the emerging world order. We are entering an increasingly fraught and unpredictable age, and those who like to think strategically about any topic whatsoever are left with few dots to connect and little certainty when doing so. The events of past few weeks in Israel, which look as though they could erupt into even larger conflaguration at any moment, are only one symptom.

The clearest sign that things had changed was the catastrophic United States withdrawal from Afghanistan. There was a distinctly late-Soviet vibe about it, and not just because the Afghans were involved. America, the great world hegemon, pressed the panic-button and left utter chaos behind. And not just utter chaos, but many of their own citizens. The great power of our post-Cold War age was obviously waning.