Fico on Top Again

Article by researcher Péter Szitás, published by the Hungarian Conservative

Fulfilling the predictions of the recent polls, the SMER party has won the early elections in Slovakia. Robert Fico will likely be elected prime minister for the fourth time in the history of the Central European country. 

A prolonged stalemate in Slovakia, which has existed since December 2022, definitely ends. Shortly before last Christmas, the Slovak government lost a vote of confidence in parliament as a result of long and deep internal tensions. However, the country’s president, Zuzana Čaputová, did her best to announce early elections as late as possible. Thus, the country was led by governments whose mandate was highly questionable for almost ten months. 

It is surprising to many that this state of affairs has been criticized neither by the European Commission nor human rights organizations. Until April 2023, Prime Minister Eduard Heger was essentially able to ensure the parliamentary background for the government’s operation. Still, his follower in the velvet seat, Ľudovít Ódor, appointed by the head of state, could no longer do so and led the country without parliamentary support. This anti-democratic era is ending now, and it seems the voters have punished the progressive-liberal side for delaying democracy for almost a year.