From Aquinas to Oakeshott: The Conservative-Liberal Tradition

Hannes Holmsteinn Gissurarson had a discussion with Ferenc Hörher, Research professor at University of Public Service, and with Dr. David L. Dusenbury, Visiting Fellow at Danube Institute about the conservative-liberal tradition which stretches back to the medieval writers Snorri Sturluson and St. Thomas Aquinas, but which was developed mainly in the eighteenth century by David Hume, Adam Smith and Edmund Burke, whereas its most distinguished modern representatives are Friedrich von Hayek, Wilhelm Röpke, Michael Oakeshott, and Bertrand de Jouvenel.

Speaker: Hannes Holmsteinn Gissurarson, Professor of Politics at the University of Iceland

-Ferenc Hörcher, research professor, University of Public Service; senior fellow – Institute of Philosophy, Research Centre for the Humanities
-Dr. David L. Dusenbury, Visiting Fellow at Danube Institute