Religion, Race and Immigration in Hungary

Book by Jeffrey Kaplan, published by Trends Research & Advisory.

This paper examines the context and perceptions of Hungary and the world as articulated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at his July 2022 speech given at Tusványos, Transylvania. It focuses on the Prime Minister’s endorsement of the 1970s era French Apocalyptic novel The Camp of the Saints to examine race, religion, immigration, and the question of anti-Semitism in Hungary. It concludes with the argument that there are today two distinct and utterly oppositional Europes, one post-modern, multiethnic, and multi-lingual and one that, like Hungary, is its antithesis, homogenous, mono-cultural, and speaking a single language that is little spoken outside of its borders. The paper argues that there must be room for both Wests, both Europes, in a world in which their shared values are under siege...