An Evening with Rod Dreher - A conversation with the Author of "Live Not by Lies"

In 2020, author and Visiting Fellow Rod Dreher set the conservative world on fire with the publication of his book, “Live Not By Lies” outlining how modern Christians (and others) could use the experiences of those who had survived Communist totalitarianism to stand firm in the present era, in a society that, through the advance of cancel culture and related forms of "wokeness," is becoming increasingly oppressive.
Since its publication, the book has sold over 160,000 copies in the US, and has become an international best seller translated into ten languages. As the power of progressivism reveals itself to be increasingly totalitarian, "Live Not By Lies" has become an indispensable guide to creating islands of integrity and resilience amid an ideological flood that threatens to drown truth and meaning.
István Kiss, Executive director of the Danube Institute engaged Mr. Dreher in a wide ranging conversation on his past works, his current projects, and the role of conservatism and Christianity in the globalised world.
- Rod Dreher, Visiting Fellow at Danube Institute and Mathias Corvinus Collegium
- István Kiss, Executive Director of Danube Institute